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the Zen and the Art of motorcycle maintenance
lo Zen e l'Arte della manutenzione della motocicletta
...future ...futuro 
29th-Sep-2005 11:41 pm
fatty arbuckle
I can see by my watch, without taking my hand from the left grip of the cycle, that it is eight-thirty in the morning. The wind, even at sixty miles an hour, is warm and humid. When it's this hot and muggy at eight-thirty, I'm wondering what it's going to be like in the afternoon.
In the wind are pungent odors from the marshes by the road. We are in an area of the Central Plains filled with thousands of duck hunting sloughs, heading northwest from Minneapolis toward the Dakotas. This highway is an old concrete two-laner that hasn't had much traffic since a four-laner went in parallel to it several years ago. When we pass a marsh the air suddenly becomes cooler. Then, when we are past, it suddenly warms up again.
I'm happy to be riding back into this country. It is a kind of nowhere, famous for nothing at all and has an appeal because of just that. Tensions disappear along old roads like this. We bump along the beat-up concrete between the cattails and stretches of meadow and then more cattails and marsh grass. Here and there is a stretch of open water and if you look closely you can see wild ducks at the edge of the cattails. And turtles. -- There's a red-winged blackbird.
I whack Chris's knee and point to it.
"What!" he hollers.
He says something I don't hear."What?" I holler back.
He grabs the back of my helmet and hollers up, "I've seen lots of those, Dad!"
"Oh!" I holler back. Then I nod. At age eleven you don't get very impressed with red-winged blackbirds.

this is how the book begins, i spent a lot of time tryng to find enough time for it, but finally i got it

well, this is the stepping stone of this bi-language concerned community, i was looking for a place to discuss about robert m. pirsig's book, zen, poetry & technology, tranquillity, the meaning of mu, lifetime journey, quality, enthousiasmos and balance, but i couldn't find it on lj, so i didn't think twice about create it on my own, wishing you'll find it confortable, hoping you all will enjoy
as it will be possible i'll try to be hostful, writing english and italian at the same time. everyone is invited to bring his own thoughts and help. at last, i decided to write it bilingual, beacuse i hope to be understandable all over the world, even if my english is such a mess, because i think it is for me one of the best things i could try to do in this particular moment to try to find out my personal path to quality.
i love travelling,
and i think future comes from behind you, while past it's always in front of you until future become past...

questo è come il libro comincia, ci ho messo un sacco di tempo cercando di avere abbastanza tempo per finirlo, ma alla fine l'ho trovato

bene, questa è la pietra d'ingresso per questa comunità bilingue: cercavo un posto per discutere e cianciare del libro di robert m. pirsig, dello zen, della poesia e della tecnologia, della tranquillità interiore, del significato di mu, del lungo viaggio della vita, della Qualità, dell'enthousiasmos e dell'equilibrio, ma non l'ho trovato su lj, così non c'ho pensato due volte a farmela da solo, desiderando che poteste trovarlo un posto comodo per le vostre elucubrazioni, sperando che poteste gradire
per quanto possibile cercerò di essere ospitale, cercando sempre di scrivere italiano e inglese contemporaneamente. ognuno di voi è invitato a portare i suoi pensieri, e se può il suo aiuto. infine ho deciso di scrivere bilingue nella speranza di poter essere comprensibile in tutto il mondo, nonostante il mio mediocre inglese, perchè credevo che fosse per me una delle cose migliore che potessi provare a fare esattamente in questo momento per cercare di trovare il mio personale sentiero per la Qualità.
amo viaggiare,
e credo che sia il futuro ad arrivarci alle spalle, mentre noi abbiamo la possibilità di guardare, dritto davanti a noi, soltanto il passato, almeno finchè il futuro non diventa passato...

any help is welcome: it will be wonderful if any one of you would write bilingual, in english and is native language, if there is one...

ogni contributo è gradito: sarebbe meraviglioso se ognuno scrivesse bilingue in inglese e nella sua lingua madre non inglese...
10th-Nov-2005 08:57 pm (UTC)
I think that the referent of the term that you can split a world into hip and square, classic and romantic, technological and humanistic, is an entity that can unite a world already split along these lines into one. A real understanding of quality doesn't just serve the systems, or even beat it or escape it. A real understanding of quality captures the system, tames it, and puts it to work for own personal use, while leaving one completely free to fulfill his inner destiny. -Phadrus
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